There has been news that is circulating stating that people are losing money in their savings account due to a scam called ATM skimming. This type of scam occurs once thieves utilize discreet electronics for them to steal your card’s information and note down your PIN number. ATM skimming is usually done to create duplicates of your card so that they can withdraw some of its cash on another dispensary ATM. Indeed, banks are striving to do their best in making sure that their consumers are secured. However, you must also take part in guaranteeing that the money that you’ve worked hard for is secure and safe. Here’s a list of ATM security and safety tips:

Reduce your transaction time

In every transaction you make with an ATM, make sure to be quick and refrain from staying for quite some time. This indicates that you need to prepare your card in advance before you reach the machine. Then, immediately place the card in the ATM, your cash and transaction slip into your wallet, bag, or pocket, and leave right away.

Only withdraw from secure and safe locations

This tip indicates that you must avoid ATM booths that have little or no people around and no hidden cameras or any machine that is in the dark corners. Before you reach an ATM, make sure to take a look at the area first and assess whether there’s any suspicious person around. Moreover, it would be best to have somebody you trust to accompany you while withdrawing.

Check the machine before you utilize it

Tug or pull the card slot, inspect the number pad whether there are parts that are loose or wobbly, and check the booth if there are unwanted attachments. A tampered or vandalized ATM is an indication that a device used for skimming might have been set up there. If this is the case, leave immediately and look for another safe ATM booth.

Cover your fingers as you type your PIN

Though the keypad already has a cover on it, it would still be recommended for you to cover your fingers using your other hand as you type your PIN. While you wait for your transaction to end, you can put your finger above other numbers but never press them. This way, you can mislead the thieves who may be utilizing infrared scanners after your transactions to determine the number pad’s heat signature.

Do no0t forget your transaction slip and your card

Before you leave, make sure to recheck your ATM card to guarantee that you have it and take your transaction receipt after every transaction all the time. Make sure to keep it dispose of it somewhere else. Refrain from putting them in trash bins near the ATM.

Refrain from counting your money in front of the machine

If you do this, it could give the hold-uppers or thieves the idea that you’ve withdrawn plenty of money. So, get the cash right away and count it somewhere private and secure. You can always contact the bank later whether there’s a difference with the amount you withdrew.