Game and Chill: Video Games to Play instead of idly Watching Netflix

So you’ve already watched Stranger Things twice over and somehow made it through all of Black Mirror without having an anxiety attack. Youíre caught up on all your favorite shows and you’ve exhausted your Netflix and Chill options. What is there left to do?
Well, firstly let’s be honest. Out of the Wii-U, the PS4, and the Xbox One you have at least two of them. You probably even have a Nintendo 64, because nothing can compare to the original, right? So why havenít you thought to sex game and chill yet?
Sure, nothing can compare to settling in for a night of cinematic brilliance and sporadic make-out sessions over popcorn. But why not try something a little different, a little more competitive? If sex is the main goal of your evening why not get your blood pumping by firing up a console instead of sinking into the couch?
Here are a couple video games you can play with that special someone instead of falling back on a streaming service for entertainment:
1. Call of Duty; or realistically any First-Person Shooter
The best part about CoD is how simple it is. So, if youíre playing with a girl or guy who might not spend 95% of their life gaming, itíll be easy for them to catch on. This game is plenty violent and allows you to either play Co-Op or against each other. If youíre feeling a little more competitive I recommend playing 1 vs. 1. Thereís nothing sexier than a little friendly competition. Trying to hunt down your lover or being hunted down certainly gets the blood pumping am I right?

2. Mario Kart, because thereís literally no other game that gets as competitive
Iíd say that Mario Kart is the digital equivalent of Monopoly when it comes to how down right savage people get when their playing. If you want to see your partnerís true nature, Iíd consider breaking out the Wii remotes. Plus when playing this game you get a chance to really fight dirty. Feel free to reach over and grab your opponentís controller to try to throw them off Rainbow Road. I mean itís an excuse to initiate some physical contact as well as increase your chances of being the winner.
Plus like CoD (and realistically the final game I mention as well) itís easy to play so experience isnít really needed.

3. If youíre more of a PC gamer try League of Legends, or another MOBA
League is basically a classic. While a little more advanced than CoD or Mario Kart, League is certainly easy to get the hang of. This way you can play Co-Op and strategize while in the same room as one another. I definitely recommend laneing with your partner or having one of you jungle so that you can immediately ask them for assistance since asking your teammate/lover verbally is obviously much faster than sending a ping.
While the community is known for shit talking 13-year-olds itís still a favorite amongst many gamers and gaming couples a like. Plus thereís nothing more romantic than having your partner bitch out some foul mouthed pre-teen in your defense.

If you want to learn more about this, check out the video below!