Are you still contemplating whether you should use concrete to be used for your commercial flooring? North Richland Hills concrete would be a great choice for all—from retail areas to restaurants. Not only this building material is safe and durable, but it’s also very attractive. Now, concrete has a wide range of finishing choices—most of these can make a modern and contemporary space. Here are some of them: 

Aggregate concrete 

This type of concrete is mostly used for outdoor applications. This concrete type includes stone, gravel, and other objects similar to that like glass tiles. Basically, aggregate concrete is combined with such other products to come up with a compelling and unique texture. In outdoor weather, such texture can boost safety. In areas like the patio, it can easily incorporate into the place’s character. Usually, this concrete is mixed with stamped concrete in patio areas outside.  

Pigmented concrete 

Pigmented concrete offers the same benefits you can get with stained concrete. The difference is that the staining is in the concrete itself instead of its surface. Pigmented concretes may not be able to obtain as deep or bright colors as stained concrete since the concrete itself will be colored and has a restricted pigment amount. Although, the concrete itself will be that color, so cracks and chips will not drastically show.  

Stained concrete 

This is a process intended for staining concrete in different types of colours without compromising its rustic surface. This method can be finished in different colors or just one color to 9 it appears even more fascinating. In fact, concrete can be stained bright white or pitch black with the correct colors. Staining will be used to the concrete and then a sealant will be applied. Meaning, the staining can wear off sooner or later, and that it might expose whether the concrete is chipped or cracked.  

Epoxied Concrete 

Epoxy can make a glass-like and thick layer across a concrete surface. Commonly, epoxied concrete is not as durable as simply concrete since it can be dented and scratched. But it can dramatically make various looks that usually possess more depth to them. Since the concrete is sealed, it becomes resistant to water. Moreover, the concrete itself is secured and shielded by epoxy, which can be performed in almost any design and color. 

Stamped concrete 

Before the concrete totally dries, you can have it stamped with some patterns and design. Most of the time, such designs are utilized outside, where it’s vital to have a concrete surface texture for it to be safe. Moreover, stamped concrete can be done with logos as well, to come up with a unique feature that can make people be attracted to a storefront. Other concrete stamps are intended to copy the look of other flooring types, such as brick.  

Those are some of the concrete options that you can choose from to use for your commercial flooring. If ever you still have inquiries or issues about these floor types, do not hesitate to consult all of your concerns to the expert flooring contractors today.