3 Reasons For Men To Merely Have A Fuckbuddy During the Holidays (and not a SO)

Ah, the holiday season. Cheer is in the air, excitement in every pair of eyes and hopefully a girl in your bed. While the holiday season calls for compassion and appreciation, it also calls for cuddling and a desire for sexual relations.
Many times, though, this can be a trap set by a girl who merely wants a relationship during the holidays, to only throw you aside once it’s warm enough to start wearing her high-waisted shorts and gladiator sandals again. She could be merely after the cute couple activities like ice-skating and buying gifts for each other, wanting cute pictures to help her become Instagram famous.
Screw that, merely get yourself a fuckbuddy and keep warm during the holidays while also keeping your man card and freedom. Enjoy the holidays, but do so with more time on your hands and money in your pocket. Read on to discover three solid reasons to only have a fuckbuddy during the holidays, and not a relationship.

Prime Cuddle Season
During the holidays, the weather is chilly, the cheer is high and the girls are desperate. Not desperate, necessarily, but more eager than usual to have a hand to hold and a body to cuddle.
The holiday season is filled with gloomy mornings and rainy nights, perfect for slow mornings getting out of bed and slow nights spent watching movies on the couch. These conditions and occasions are absolutely perfect to have a special someone at your side, keeping you warm both inside and out.
It’ll be nice to know that you have a go-to “buddy” when looking for someone to sit in front of the fire with or grab a warm cup of coffee. Being alone during the holidays can be extra lonely, especially on those cold nights, so find a fuckbuddy and get comfortable.

Saves Money
The difference between a fuckbuddy and a girlfriend during the holidays is like night and day. The holidays are filled with “couples” activities—from ice-skating to baking pies, from looking at Christmas lights to buying each other gifts—and they can end up really drying out your wallet.
Having merely a fuckbuddy during the holidays gets you a free pass on those types of activities and this in-turn leaves your wallet with some weight to it. I mean, go ahead and bake some pies if you want to or look at Christmas lights, that stuff is always a fun time and can be done in a group, but don’t feel obligated to buy them a present or hang a mistletoe to kiss under.

No “Meeting the Parents”
The holiday season is typically for family gatherings and showing love and appreciation for one another. That being the case, it’s also usually a season for couples to finally meeting their significant other’s parents, if they haven’t already.
With only a fuckbuddy, this isn’t something you have to worry about, at all! No girl—I’d hope—wants to introduce her parents to “the guy I’ve been sleeping with lately.” And no guy should feel the need to meet her parents, or introduce her to his, for that matter.
Meeting her parents would completely destroy the whole “fuckbuddy” situation and upgrade it tenfold. But, you shouldn’t have to worry about that—you are just a fuckbuddy! So put that firm handshake on hold, the fake smile and fake laugh in your back pocket, and just focus on dealing with your own family for the holidays.

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