5 Crucial Mistakes Men Are Making On Their Online Dating Profile

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Men everywhere are unknowingly sabotaging their own chances at getting matches online. Whether it’s because of their profile pictures or something in their about me, guys continue to shoot themselves in the foot day after day.
If you find yourself not matching with as many women as you’d like, check this list to see if your mistakes may be the reason why.

Mirror Pictures
This should go without saying, but sadly, it doesn’t. Do not—I repeat, do not—use a mirror picture as one of your profile pictures. Hell, as a man, you shouldn’t even have any mirror pictures!
Really want to kill your chances? Make it a mirror pic with your shirt off. You may have a nice body, and you wish to show it off, but now you just look like a jabroni and you’ve ruined any mystery. Trust me, I’ve conducted the surveys and put in the research hours; ladies aren’t impressed by your mirror pictures, guys.

Too Much “About Me”
Most people have a hard time putting even a sentence or two in their about me section, yet other’s feel the need to explain everything about them. No one wants to read that.
An about me should be short and sweet. It should give a slight glimpse into your personality and lifestyle, yet leave enough mystery to keep her intrigued and wanting more. List a few hobbies or your favorite band, but no one wants to hear about all the mountains you’ve hiked or all the concerts you’ve been to.
I think it’s safe to say that one to four lines is about ideal. Anything longer and it becomes a paragraph with too much information to care about.

Bad Grammar
This one is terribly sad, seeing that you have to be at least 18-years-old to use most online dating sites and you should easily have a grasp of basic grammar at that age. But, as I’ve come to find out, no one is ever too old not to know which “there, their, or they’re” to use, or even which “to or too” fits accordingly.
Partially due to social media itself and new mediums of communication, the usage of correct grammar is too far and in between. According to women, this is a huge turn off—as it demonstrates a lack of basic education and thought-process—and diminishes any chance of swiping right for that profile.

Being a Douche
Oh, the douches of the world. How else would us true gentleman ever look so great if women didn’t have you guys to compare us to? And online dating sites are full of them.
They aren’t always easy to spot—sometimes it’s a haircut that gives them away, possibly a visor, or a polo shirt or their Sperry shoes—either way, they are out there, and they are abundant.
They’re the guys who put, “Don’t swipe right unless you are…” and then proceed to list off a specific hair color, height range and other absurdities. Who the hell does that guy think he is that he can pass judgment so easily and acquire whatever it is he desires? Oh yeah, he’s a douche.

Group Pictures
Don’t post any group pictures as one of your profile pictures; come on, man. I don’t care if you’re the weakest link in your group and they make you look cooler, or it’s an awesome picture or some other excuse.

Do you really want to risk matching with a total babe, to only have her ask, “Who’s your friend in the red shirt? He’s cute.”
That would be absolutely demoralizing and possibly turn you away from the whole online dating scene altogether. Have confidence in yourself and advertise exactly that. We were born individuals—no group photos when you’re merely promoting yourself.

Want to learn more about dating profile pictures? Check out the video below!